How it works

Cloud-based MODFLOW applications are devleoped based on the Arc Hydro Groundwater (AHGW) tools. The applications contain a geodatabase storing the model information and customized tools and scripts that utilize Arc Hydro Groundwater tools together with general ArcGIS tools to automate complex workflows. The applications run on a server with a front end mapping GUI enabling users to execute MODFLOW simulations and view results as maps and PDF reports using only a Web browser.

A typical workflow contains the following components:

  • Web based user interface for modifying MODFLOW input files (e.g. well pumping, recharge, etc.).
  • MODFLOW simulation runs on a server.
  • Simulation results are shown analyzed and presented as maps, summary tables, and PDF reports.

Key Advantages in automation of workflows include:

  • Fewer errors.
  • Greater efficiency.
  • Substantial cost savings.
  • Share MODFLOW inputs/outputs with a wide audience.
  • Run MODFLOW simulations using only a Web browser.